Ashwin muthiah

Personal Sommelier


Wine brings people together. And, it always has. That's why Ashwin started Personal Sommelier DC - to bring people together over wine. We will drink many thousands of bottles of wine in our lifetimes, and most of us will not know much about what we're drinking, where it comes from, or why it's important. Some of us will. Get in touch with Ashwin and join those few.



Ashwin's background is winding and wandering. But, in the words of the late, great J. R. R. Tolkien: "Not all who wander are lost." 

Ashwin has started, managed, owned, and run businesses in the technology, art, hospitality, and education sectors. He has a diverse set of interests and does not allow the boundaries of traditional career paths to define his work or his life.

Despite an interest in many various fields, nothing has captured his heart and mind like wine. For thousands of years, wine has been an integral part of food, religious, and social cultures around the globe. The ancient Greeks and Romans found wine to be an essential part of their social structures. Fast-forward a few thousand years, and not much has changed. Wine brings us together.

Charcoal; vanilla; green pepper; nutmeg; leather; lychee; jerky; stewed fruit; petrol. How grapes deliver such complex and plentiful aromas is a remarkable feat of nature and an incredible challenge and opportunity for expert wine-makers to seize.

Ashwin is a Certified Level III Sommelier through the National Wine School. He has led private tastings and classes in Washington DC that receive rave reviews for being both educational and a delight. He's a personal sommelier that brings knowledge and class to any event.

To truly appreciate the thought and care that expert wine-makers practice in crafting their wines, it's only respectful to make an attempt to elevate our palate and our wine knowledge.

Get in touch with Ashwin - he does that for a living.