Wine Services


Wine Tastings and Wine Classes

Rates: $500 - $5,000

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Ashwin leads wine tastings and wine classes of all sizes and areas of focus. Wine tastings, as you would expect, are structured mostly around the tasting of several flights of wine. We will spend time profiling the wines and understanding how they compare and contrast with other wines in the flight, in the region, and in the wine world in general. Wine tastings will typically revolve around a specific varietal, region, country, or winery.

Wine classes are structured slightly differently. Tasting and profiling different flights of wine are still an important component of the wine classes. However, unlike tastings, the classes involve a significantly larger education component about various subjects, including wine-making, wine-buying, AOPs/AOCs/DOs/AVAs, wine regions, varietal fingerprints, among other subjects. Wine classes, like tastings, revolve around a specific topic, varietal, region, country, or winery.

Wine tastings and/or classes are perfect for anyone, however experienced with wine, to hone and sharpen their wine knowledge. They're full of laughs and lots of learning. 

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Private Events

Rates: $1,000 - $10,000

Private events are classier and more fun when you have a sommelier involved. Similar to a Personal Chef, Ashwin is a Personal Sommelier for private events such as dinner parties, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, galas, awards dinners, and more. Ashwin will personally design a wine experience based on your needs. Whether that means selecting the perfect wines to pair with your five-course dinner, curating a selection of wines for a function, or managing the staff and serving wine while educating guests - Ashwin delivers a premium Sommelier experience.

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Wine Lists

Rates: $500 - $7,500

Building the perfect wine list is more art than it is science. A number of factors need to be meticulously balanced to yield the perfect selection of wines. From cost and volume to varietals and regions, the perfect wine list takes time, patience, and a tremendous amount of wine knowledge. Ashwin builds wine lists for restaurants, bars, weddings, catering menus, prix-fixe menus, among other areas. He spends time understanding your tastes and preferences, the dishes that will be served, and then curates a beautiful collection that will be uniquely yours. He can build a one-time wine list that will be time-less and well-regarded or he can work with you on seasonal wine lists that will echo the mood and energy of the time and seasons as they change. 

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