Georgian Wine Series Part 1: All We Have to Do is Drink

…despite the relative growth in popularity, the “Georgian Wine Boom” is really no louder than the popping of a single popcorn kernel. How was it that Georgia got banished to obscurity whilst France – more than one in three bottles of imported wine opened in the U.S. is French – got ushered to the limelight of mainstream media and financial success? And, why should I care about Georgia now?

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Ashwin Muthiah

Before I arrived in Voiron, Chartreuse felt pretty irrelevant to me. Admittedly, I’d only had Chartreuse once or twice before, neither of which times was I particularly moved. In my mind, Chartreuse was nothing more than an obscure cocktail ingredient that mixologists stirred into their boozy concoctions. Even more embarrassing – though, I imagine I’m not alone in having thought this – I actually thought Chartreuse was a category or style of liquor/liqueur up until actually going to Chartreuse (which I also did not know was a place that existed).

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